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Join the Smoothie Vending revolution

Success is upon you!


If you have aspirations of more free time, financial independence or wealth creation, and more time to spend with your family, then Fresh Smoothie is for you.

If you can see yourself owning or managing Fresh Smoothie machines placed in profitable, high foot traffic locations within your community, then this licensing opportunity is for you.

We have pioneered the Smoothie Vending concept and are looking to partner with like-minded, social entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the growing market of health conscious consumers.


Market Opportunity


The World Health Organization found conclusive evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is beneficial for health. The health and wellbeing movement that grabbed hold of consumers during the early 2000s has contributed to the Juice and Smoothie Bars industry's ongoing success.

Consumer concerns regarding the link between unhealthy diets and chronic health problems, such as heart disease and obesity, have driven industry revenue growth over the past five years.

Consumers are attracted to smoothies because they are seen as a healthier option to most sweets and on-the-go meals and have become an increasingly popular way of consuming fruit. Smoothies are commonly sold as a drink, snack or meal alternative. Safefood (2007) highlighted a number of perceived barriers to fruit and vegetable consumption including access, preparation and cost.


Fresh Smoothie vending - a fully automated vending machine that produces freshly made smoothies - removes all these barriers and will capitalize on the current market trends and conditions providing smoothies in the most affordable and convenient way. Fresh Smoothie vending has been designed to operate in any distribution channel, including gyms, schools, colleges, universities, libraries, office buildings, hospitals, sport venues, shopping centres, as well as high traffic portals such as airports, sea ports, and train and bus stations. The ability to provide consumers with the "Fast-Food of the New Millennium" at locations other than the typical smoothie retailers, gives Fresh Smoothie vending a great competitive advantage over its competition.



You won’t be alone, you’ll be part of our team

When you become a Fresh Smoothie licensee you will receive comprehensive and ongoing support in the form of:


  • In-person training to get your business off the ground

  • 24/7 online training access, so you can always be learning

  • Additional in-person training when your Fresh Smoothie machines are installed

  • Product development team designing new features to improve consumer satisfaction

  • Technical support


As innovators in the smoothie vending revolution, we know what you need for success. Contact us to take the first step to owning a Fresh Smoothie vending license.

State-of-the-art touchscreen interface

A state-of-the-art touchscreen displays a great variety of recipes along with its nutritional information, and allows a customer to select their preferred smoothie. It also displays digital advertising, generating a new source of income for Fresh Smoothie vending operators.


Furthermore, the Fresh Smoothie software provides a cloud service for remote manageability, so that operators will be able to update digital advertising content and remotely check stock levels, cash levels, alarms, and several financial and operational reports.


Our next software release will allow consumers to create their own recipe and save it, add a photo using Fresh Smoothie vending's integrated camera, and share it with others on Twitter or Facebook. They will be able to choose their friends’ recipes, like them and comment on them - all directly from the Fresh Smoothie vending's touchscreen

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